Two Brothers Leather Masters 

About Us
           About Us

     We are a family of artists, making hand crafted goods since 1989. Our business began as just a school project, but it kept on growing. Two Brothers is named for Lukus and David, brothers who began making leather goods at a young age. Along with their high quality leather items, they also learned to make cutlery, of ever increasing quality. Soon, they started making enough items to sell. So the family started setting up booths at shows to sell their goods. Their mother, Linda, who has been an artist her whole life, and father,Tom, decided it would be a good opportunity to include Linda's art as well.

     In 2003 and 2004 the family grew when the two brothers married. The women they married, have also learned to work with leather, and have found a style, each her own. They are also learning to help sculpt the clay that Linda uses for her leather reliefs. We hope that someday, we will be able to add our two grandchildren to the list of artists in our family.

     We would like to add that the interest and encouragement of our family and friends, as well as the many loyal customers that have believed in us throughout the years, accounts for our successes today. We are eternally grateful for all of their continued support.

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